A Great Way To Greet Someone Special on Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Or Any Other Special Occasion on Facebook

I just found out a new and great way to greet someone really special in advance without sending it in advance.  Meaning, it is scheduled.    It's called Greeting Scheduler.  Although the process is slow, (or maybe my internet connection is just slow due to the typhoon -- blame it on the weather - haha!).  Here is a screen shot of this.

Just search Greeting Scheduler on facebook, and you will find this application,

The instruction is pretty simple.  So, no need to make a detailed explanation as to how to go about this.
I found this wonderful information on this site : CLICK HERE

I find this really useful due to my busy schedule that I could barely find the time to send even a short greeting to the special people in my life on that very special day.

Have fun with this exciting application from Facebook!


Freeware Recover Deleted Files

I found a link on where we can download a freeware for recovery of formatted SD.
Thanks to the problem encountered from mana myrna;s digicam last 04-23-2011.  I found a solution to this.

Click on the link below :)

Click Here


How to add a Contact Me Page

Contact Me page is important in blogs especially when you are in doing it for business.

I would like to share to you one great site that I found.
I have already applied it to one of my blogs --> http://solidfinancialfoundation.blogspot.com/
It is really cool!

You can use this site emailmeform for free templates.

You can visit where I found the details on how to do it here.

Enjoy learning!

Watch out for more of the updates on Internet Marketing Tips.


Another Great Way To Search For A Blog Topic

Here is another way for you to think of a blog topic.  This is based on how the world searches.  If you still do not know what to blog about, you can check this site.

Google Zeitgeist

But of course, if you still want something really new and original, you can still create a topic that is very much original.

Thanks to my internet marketing mentor Jomar Hilario for this new tip that he posted on facebook.
If you are still not yet a fried of Jomar, you can add him in facebook if you want more tips on internet marketing.


Cool Blogger Templates - Free

Here are the sites where I found some cool Blogger Templates.  You can download these for free!

Choose on the links below.



Legal Photos Site

Are you searching photos from the internet?  Do you want to post this in your own blog?  Here is a legal way of doing it.  Here is a site that tells you how.  Just click here to know where.  Or just copy the link below to your URL http://www.jomarhilario.com/2010/03/bonus-lesson-how-to-get-beautiful.html.
Enjoy learning!


Technical Problems and More

I often find myself with problems during blogging or just by mere using my PC.  From Hardware, Software, and the where to search in the Internet.

Solution to the problem?  I'm glad I have a friend who knows almost everything when it comes to PC's.
Where you can find him?  Just go to his site: http://thetechsnitch.blogspot.com/. You can find lots of tech information here.  Oh, by the way, where to find best free anti-virus, trojan, worm and mal-ware protection?  Click here to know where. Or if it does not work, just copy this link to your URL: http://thetechsnitch.blogspot.com/2010/03/best-free-antivirus-trojan-worms-and.html

What's more? You can even suggest a topic here. Or here: http://thetechsnitch.blogspot.com/p/suggest-it.html

Enjoy Learning!


Google Ranking - How to Increase This

Here is another tip on how to increase your google ranking, thus increasing your traffic.
There are three steps to increase your google ranking in doing this:
(If you are using Blogger, these are the steps).

1.  Click on the Layout, then Edit HTML
2.  In the HTML Codes, search for this

3.  Replace it by these codes

4.  Save this template

Click here for more information regarding these codes and google ranking.

Or if it does not work, copy this address to a web browser.

Enjoy Learning!


Add Your URL in Google Search

Adding your URL in Google Search is one easy task.

Just click  here and enter your URL, place some comments, and enter the squiggly letters displayed.  Click on the Add URL button.

Then you're done!


Selling In The Internet



- Passion (Story) - Diary --> BLOG
- What People always say, lots of time spent for you
- Email Catcher (Emails of Interested People)
1shoppingcart and feedburner  --> Interested People
- Look for products to sell --> clickbank
- Create your own product
- Create an Outline for an Ebook, Record, Transcribe, Edit  (doc2pdf.netpodomatic.com/youtube.com)
- Give them a REASON so they will happily give their email for your newsletter.
- Send Regularly _____ newsletters to them to sell to them or give to them more information.
- Give Free information to establish trust and credibility.
- Send the "free thing" to the person via email.
- Send an offer to buy a digital product to the person, regularly.
- Process payment via credit card or paypal.
- Send product/service via email.
- Offer a "free electronic course" as "free item"

All About Autoresponder
  • Thank You Email
    • Create email and send it to post@posterous.com
      • Subject: Thank You For Buying The _____.
      • Body:  Thank You For Buying The ______
      • Your Name/URL
      • Attach the product bought.
      • You should receive the email also.
      • click on "Your New Post"
      • Click on the words "Thank you..."
      • Copy the Posterous URL and paste to Notepad
      • Copy the Blogpost into Notepad
      • The URL to a blog post is called PERMALink
  • Creating an Online Newsletter
    • Using 1shoppingcart - This is used by the high earning internet marketings.
    • Twice a week, send out the 'newspaper' by email
    • Create a newsletter that can get email addresses from the blog/site
    • Create a free ecourse to offer the casual visitors.
    • The newsletter is used to "tell everyone" what a good thing you're doing.
    • Ask them to buy (in the future)

      • 1shoppingcart
        • Go to 1shoppingcart
        • Enter your contact details
        • Go to My Account/ Contact Profile
        • Enter Real Business Information (Under General Information)
        • Click Email and Marketing/Autoresponder
        • Create a New Autoresponder
        • Enter the Campaign Name
        • Enter the From Name (Your Name)
        • Enter the From Email (Your Email Address)
        • Select Campaign Type Newsletter
        • Click Save
        • Ignore the rest of the screens
        • Click on Email and Marketing
        • Create Form
        • Name: Select Required
        • Click Next Step
        • Click the Arrows at Subscribe to Autoresponder
        • Select Your Autoresponder
        • Click on Create Form
        • A new screen with the codes will appear
        • Click on Select All, Copy and paste it to a notepad.  Save the notepad as EMAILCATCHER
        • Click continue
      • Open your blogger
      • Click on dashboard
      • Locate your blog
      • Click on Layout
      • Click on Add Gadget
      • Select HTML/JavaScript
      • Copy Paste the Email Catcher from your notepad to the content
      • Enter your great offer text under "Title" - Suggested Words: FREE, NOW, YOU
      • Example for the Title: "How To Maximize Your IPOD.  Free Course. Sign up here!"
      • After creating this, drag the created box to the left above the blogpost.
      • Click Save
      • Go back to 1shoppingcart to add more messages to the newsletter.
        • Click on Email and Marketing/Autoresponder
        • Scroll Down until you see the newsletter you created
        • Click Add Message
        • Change Message Type to HTML
        • Change Days Delay (Enter 1 for the first newsletter)
        • Enter the 1st e-course text here
        • Do these repeatedly for the 2nd until the last day for the e-course
        • For every newsletter, add your blog URL at the bottom (use the link button to link the URL to your Blog.
        • Example for the Subject: $fistname$, Here's how to _________
        • Note: The $firstname$ will be automatically the name of the person who subscribed in your e-course
        • To prevent this in entering into their spam, click on "Check this Message against SpamAssassin Database"
        • The score must be below 5.
        • Click on Save
      • When someone would subscribe, he/she will still confirm the subscription
    • Some Advice for the Newsletter
      • If you don't have a free article source, just create any of the following:
        • Selling Message
        • Information Message
        • Expert Interview
        • Questionnaire
        • Tips
        • Lists (Top 10 Secrets of ____)
  • Broadcasting
    • Go to 1shoppingcart
    • Select Email and Marketing/Broadcasting
    • Click on Send Broadcast
    • Click on Autoresponder Campaign
    • Select your Autoresponder
    • Enter details
    • You can also schedule emails
    • Click on HTML
    • Put your message
    • Click again the "Check HTML message body against the SpamAssassin TM Database"
    • Click on Send Email
      All About PayPal
      • This is FREE
      • Use Paypal to process clients credit card for us
      • Steps
        • Go to paypal
        • Sign Up for BUSINESS ACCOUNT
        • Click on "GO"
        • Fill up details 
        • Your PayPal name should be the name of a Philippine bank account that you have.
        • Open your email, and confirm your account.
        • Click on "Click here to activate your account"
        • Enter password
        • The email is now confirmed
      • 1Shoppingcart connected with Paypal (Buyer = Paypal  --- Seller = 1shoppingcart)
        • Open 1shoppingcart
        • Click on Setup/Gateway Setup
        • Check "Use Paypal as your only...."
        • Enter the new Paypal Email that you previously created
        • Check "Enable Website Payments Standard"
        • Make sure that the correct cards are selected and click on save changes
          • Go to Paypal/My Account/Withdraw
          • When asked for a bank code, Google: "paypal bank code" pinoymoneytalk
          • Review your withdrawal
      • Paypal Not Connected With 1shoppingcart
        • Create buttons to add to your emails and blogs
          • Go to paypal/my account/profile
          • Click on "Create New Button"
          • Accept Payments for Products
          • Select "No, create a "Buy Now" button
          • Key in the Item Name
          • Key in the Price (You can now choose Peso)
          • Click Step 3
          • Enter the blog URL under "Take Customer to a specific page after checkout cancellation"
          • Enter the Posterous Thank You email URL under "Take Customer to a specific page after successfully checkout"
          • Click Create Button
          • Click Email
          • You will now see the Product Link From PAYPAL
          • Use this product link in an email
          • Compose an email to convince the prospects why they need to buy the product.
          • Below the composed email, Key in "Buy it here: Highlight this link and create a clickable text link
          • Send the email
      Setup Products
      • Logon to 1shoppingcart
      • Click Products then Add a product
      • Enter a Product Name, Price
      • Click on Continue
      • Click on Product Links
      • Select the 3rd link, copy and paste to notepad
      • Click on Optional Values
      • Click on Digital Product Options
      • Check "Is Digital Product"
      • Click on "Browse"
      • Select the Product from Your PC
      • Click on "Upload File"
      • The file will be displayed in "Digital Product Filename"
      • Enter your email address in "Test Digital Download Link" Click on "Send Test"
      • Click on "Navigation"
      • Enter the URL (Thank You From Posterous) in the "Thank You URL"
       Setup Sales Blog
      • Create a Sales Blog Post
      • Include a great reason why they need to buy the product.
      • Highlight and place a link on this to the Product Link
      • Click on Publish Post
      How Purchasing is Done Online
      • If the Client clicks on the Product Link,
      • A Billing Information must be filled up
      • Click on the "Submit Order"
      • Credit Card Number must be entered
      • Click on "Review Order and Continue"
      • Client sees the website where the product could be downloaded.
      • After the Client buys, he gets an email confirming the payment
      • The Client sees the Thank You Page
      • The seller receives an email confirming the purchase of the product
      How To Create an Online Sales Letter
      • Using YOLA
        • Click on "Create a New Site"
        • Enter Your Site Name
        • Click on "Skip and start building my site now"
        • Click on Next Step
        • Pick on a Single Column Template
        • Example of a Sales Letter

          • Drag "Text" towards "Drag Content Here"
          • Create the Text for the Sales Letter
          • Include always the URL of your Blog.
          • Include always the URL for the Product Links
          • Create an Email Catcher in your Sales Letter
          • To Promote the Sales Letter, visit Forums and Talk to People